Thursday, November 22, 2007

Data Analysis Articles

A comparison of missing value options in regression analysis

Data Use: Post-stratification in survey research

A simple solution to nagging questions about survey, sample size and validity

A marketing researcher's guide to multivariate analysis

A new approach for analyzing customer satisfaction studies

A survey of analysis methods

A survey of multivariate methods useful for market research

All customers are not created equal

An alternative method of reporting customer satisfaction scores

Appropriate use of regression in customer satisfaction analyses

Assessing the monetary value of attribute levels with conjoint analysis: warnings and suggestions

Automating market segmentation

Beware of MCA mapping

Benefit impact analysis

Beating the competition

Borrowing from one to enrich the other

By the Numbers: Let's test everything

CHAID response modeling and segmentation

Classification tree methods: AID, CHAID and CART

Combining banner points - is the variance correct?

Computers know "how" but they don't know "what"

Consumers' contradictions: value and other brand attributes

Controlling non-response bias and item non-response bias using CATI techniques

Correspondence analysis: The big picture

By the Numbers: Let's test everything

A stepwise loyalty process

Correspondence analysis offers easy sophistication

The statistics of missed opportunities (or) You better beware of beta

Satisfaction measurement: Is it worth it?

Vexed by significance testing? Try the bootstrap technique

Exploring marketing ideas with perceptual maps

Exploring marketing ideas with perceptual maps

Raising customer satisfaction through expert system analysis

Watch out for dropouts

Practical sampling methods for low-incidence populations

TURF analysis

What is significance?

Trade-off analysis: a survey of commercially available techniques

The incidence of understanding incidence

Do your 'BESD' when explaining correlational results

Determining attribute importance

What mother never told you about linear regression

Data Use: Nonparametric tests: sturdy alternatives

Correspondence analysis in action